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Nemzetközi Büntetőjogi Bíróság  Benyújtva: 2021. 03.18.

Ügyészi Kommunikációs Hivatal 19519 2500 Postafiók

CM Hága Hollandia



Korona Igazsága civil csoport képviseletében.

03. 18. 2021. Budapest


Place of submission: International Criminal Court

Prosecutor’s Communications Office 19519 2500 Mailbox

CM The Hague Netherlands


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Complaint against a crime against humanity



Subject of complaint: Hungary and other parties have violated the Nuremberg Code


The “Crown Truth Group” is a group  doctors, public activists and the general public who made a choice to exercise their democratic rights not to receive experimental medical treatment (Covid-19 Immunization) and who feel that they are under great and unlawful pressure from the government of Hungary and the “Operational Group” (represented by Cecilia Muller and Pal Gyorfy) in charge of disease control, ministers, senior public representatives, mayors and others. For a year, the Hungarian people have been under strict restrictive measures, thus violating our fundamental human rights with making pressure on the population to take the Covid-19 experimental vaccine in several cases despite the willingness of the person itself.

E.g.: Cecília Müller, a member of the “Operational Group” , said: “In Hungary, anyone who had a positive PCR test, even once, is automatically registered as a Covid-19 victim at the time of death.” This is the Covid-19 mortality statistic, this is a direct hoax, falsification of facts.

  1. Right of assembly is forbidden
  2. Freedom of speech and opinion is strictly censored
  3. Right to free movement
  4. Right to self-determination: clothing (mandatory wearing of masks, note: in Hungarian law the mask is included only as a clothing accessory)
  5. Restriction of the right to exercise sports, recreation and visit family members
  6. The introduction of a green passport ‘vaccination certificate, which would give some people (who receive the experimental vaccination) special citizenship rights and limit the rights of non vaccinated people. The so called green passport would be introduced as confirmed by the Prime Minister after his official visit to Israel.
  7. Perform autopsies in the event of a death attributed to SARS-Cov2 to confirm or refute the presumed diagnosis.
  8. Post-mortem – mapping the post-mortem by SARS-Cov 2 virus to determine the correct method of treatment of the virus
  9.      End PCR testing immediately and make a real diagnosis with a real medical examination instead! As confirmed by the WHO PCR tests are not suitable themselves to diagnose illnesses. PCR tests are running on very high cycles until today (40 – 45) despite of the suggestion of the WHO to use lower cycles in order to avoid false positive cases.
  10. Restoring the normal order of health care facilities. Neglection of other hospital treatments, postponement of surgeries indefinitely, downsizing of hospital beds. Complete elimination of preventive treatments, e.g., vasoconstriction infusions, etc. People are dying due to the lack of medical treatments and due to the psychological effects of the lockdown.

Patients should be re-examined and treated by the doctor.

  1. Restricted contact between children and closing schools can cause psychological problems.
  2. Failure to provide the necessary information for a free decision, manipulation of data, silencing of facts, misrepresentation, e.g. falsification of the statistics of real diseases.


We would like to provide you with basic information on this topic first:

An innovative medical treatment against 2he SARS-Cov-2 Virus is being used. There are 5 different so called vaccines approved for emergency procedure only in the country. Pfizer-BioNTech which has only recently received FDA approval in the United States (only as an emergency procedure). This is a non-final approval containing details of the 22 side effects of the vaccine. The European Union approved the remedy also by EMA for emergency procedure only. The Moderna experimental vaccine got also approval for emergency procedure only in the European Union and so in Hungary as well. Oxford/AstraZeneca is the third experimental vaccine Hungarians are treated. There are 2 other vaccines, the Russian Sputnik V and the Chinese Synopharm without any approval in the European Union. Both of these 2 experimental vaccines are being used for the treatment of the Hungarian population without any reliable information regarding short- or long-term effects of the treatment.   Moreover, from a medical point of view, it is quite clear that the issue of the long-term effect of any treatment has not been scientifically studied in case of any of the vaccines (in the framework of testing and research). Thus, the long-term effects and safety of the treatment on recipients is unknown. It is important to note that no one has ever intended to immunize the whole world until now with this medical technology that delivers synthetic m-RNA to the body. All previous immunizations operated on a completely different basis. Either a deactivated virus or a weakened virus was injected into the body, which activated the immune system naturally against the virus.

“The Nuremberg Code” – a code of medical ethics issued under laws under which Nazi criminals were convicted during World War II- I was convicted of conducting horrific medical experiments during World War II and medical trials became known as the Nuremberg Trials. The Nuremberg Code later served as the basis for the drafting of the Helsinki Declaration and the Hungarian law on patients’ rights.

We present and describe in detail how the Hungarian Government, with its ministers, mayors and other high-ranking officials, is illegally, visibly and extremally violating the Nuremberg Law not only at one point, but also at countless, too many points, in Hungary.


  1. Informed consent to participate in a medical experiment – the first principle of the Nuremberg Code is the need for an individual’s consent and informed consent to treatment and participation in the experiment. An individual should exercise freedom of choice freely without any use of force, fraud, deception, threats, inquiries or any other form of coercion against him or her.

In Hungary the participants were not informed that they were actually participating in a medical experiment, and the Nuremberg Code stipulated that the participants in the vaccination should be given their consent. Despite the fact that the participants of the experiments give their approval to the vaccination, the information provided to them is not detailed at all to be able to make any decision. The participants believe that they are protected by the vaccine from the disease and expect mild side effects as stated in the information leaflet. Most of the cases the participants do not even know which of the 5 vaccines they get. This information is not even stated in the documentation of the patients.  It later emerged that the Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, made an agreement with the Chinese vaccine company, Sinopharm, signed by Péter Szijjárto, Minister of Foreign Affairs. This Sino-pharm vaccine doesn’t have EU licence. The Prime Minister only announced that it was actually a medical experiment and that is the essence of the agreement. This in reality, a genetic medical experiment on humans is carried out without informed consent, in addition to a serious and manifest violation of the Nuremberg Code.

  1. Temporary permissions are encrypted documents, the actual purposes are kept quiet.

It has become apparent that EU leaders, including the Hungarian Government, have signed an agreement with COVAX and EMA (through which vaccine companies) deliver millions of vaccine doses to Hungary. This is done on the basis of such a consideration that the population of  Hungary and other EU Member States serve as test subjects for pharmaceutical companies. It was agreed that drug companies would receive all medical and personal information from individuals without their knowledge or consent. It should be noted that, to date, the content of this agreement, which affects the majority of the population of Hungary state, has not been published. This also does not meet the transparency requirements laid down by law. Much of the information contained in the agreement remains secret. It is worth noting and remembering that we do not live in a world of dictatorship, so it is clear that such an agreement must be completely transparent for the whole population.

  1. Alternative therapies – Informed consent to medical treatment, based on the principles of the Nuremberg Code, also means that patients should be offered a number of treatment alternatives detailing the medical process (everything in it). The advantages, disadvantages and risks of treatments (which are present for all treatments), should be exposed. On the basis of this information, the patient may be able to make an informed personal decision about his preferred treatment. As mentioned earlier, any decision must be made freely by the individual without any pressure. Nevertheless, Hungary and the Department of Health are unable to demonstrate to Hungarian citizens the alternatives currently available for the treatment of covid disease, which would be proven to be effective and would have few non-dangerous side effects. Creating an atmosphere of fear and coercion, citizens are pressured (in a manifest violation of the informed consent process), hiding information about immunisation. By noting the experimental stage of vaccinations and the dangers the way they are given. Vaccinations were extended to elderly and vulnerable age groups for whom no studies were carried out by manufacturers during experimental phase 2.3. These people unknowingly became test subjects. The vaccination is forced on inhabitants by a year of scaremongering, fear and restrictive measures (propagated by the press and the government). This would now be added in the near future with the introduction of the vaccination card.
  2. The fourth principle is that the experiment should be carried out in order to prevent suffering or physical damage. Treatment is known to have caused many deaths, injuries and serious damage already after vaccination (including disability and paralysis).Despite all this, the government has not ordered an investigation into the matter. It should be noted that the Ministry of Health openly acknowledged that 41 % of vaccinated military, education and medical personnel showed serious and life-threatening side effects (Israeli data Pfizer). Note: Astra-Zeneca has been suspended in 23 countries due to deaths and other serious injuries. It is also not understood why there are no complete reports of the number of deceased or injured, as could be expected in such a medical experiment in the interest of the participating population. Today, autopsies are banned, which is why the cause of death of mainly elderly people who died directly or within a few days of vaccination is concealed. The fatal side effects of vaccination cannot therefore be demonstrated.


  1. The fifth principle states that the experiment cannot be carried out if there are reasons to believe it will cause damage or death. See above for infringements of this principle. As mentioned above, citizens are only informed of the deaths through social networks (friends, neighbours, relatives). The mainstream media doesn’t tell you about this. (Annexes 2 to 3)
  2. An additional principle is that the person responsible for the experiment must stop the experiment at any stage if there are reasonable grounds that it would cause harm to the experiment participant disability or death. It has already been proven that many good people have already died from treatment, damaged, disabled and paralyzed. However, the Hungarian government continues to force this dangerous attempt on its Hungarian citizens.
  3. The following are recent publications illustrating the apparent and criminal violations of the Nuremberg Code by the government, ministers, mayors and senior public figures.

Here are some examples of violations of the Nuremberg Code. (Full List 2 of this submission. Annex II).

Application of economic pressure:

  1. Making individual small and medium-sized enterprises impossible by continuous closures and restrictions. Huge number of the population lost former employment. A very small amount of employees were entitled to a 3 month unemployment benefit last year. 12 months passed already and the population is not provided any compensation for their losses.
  2. A planned “green card”, in the absence of which citizens would be prohibited from free movement and the use of certain services.

Applying social pressure:

  1. Prevention of entertainment, leisure and other services
  2. Artists, opinion-makers, public figures are spreading propaganda all over the world, aggressively and offensively threatening the people with punishment and sanctions
  3. Text messages, aggressive media campaigning, constant intimidation, austerity measures, bans force people to apply for vaccinations, persons who talk about the fact of misinformation, the experimental nature and dangers of vaccinations, aggressive comments and police measures, forcibly infiltrating their homes at several doctors, confiscation of computers and mobile phones. They’re in an arson of peaceful passers-by and athletes. By making their jobs impossible, elderly people in homes are forcibly vaccinated without any consent or information. The line could be continued even further.  They use extortion and threats to get health workers, college students, employees to take the vaccine.

Provision of discounts for the vaccinated: free movement, travel, entertainment venues, sports, etc.

Those without the vaccine are threatened to be negatively affected, not being able to get a job, medical treatment etc.

Hungarian prime minister has repeatedly stated that vaccinations are safe, hiding the real dangers. In many ways, the contracts signed between the government and the Big Pharma are hidden, which only raises questions about the agreement.

In this submission, we must stress that the measures put in place against citizens, including legislative proposals for unquestioned persons, contradict the Nuremberg Code and autonomy over the body of the individual, but also existing legislation in Hungary, including fundamental rights relating to the dignity and freedom of individuals, the freedom of the Employment Act, the freedom of patients, the right of access to restaurants and discos and other public institutions and other laws.

Therefore, and taking into account the above, two main requirements are indicated:

  1. The medical trial and the administration of vaccines to Hungarian citizens must be stopped immediately. There might be people with the desire to take part in the medical experiments of any of the 5 pharmaceutical companies. However, it must be their own decision without any pressure and without the negative discrimination of those who make the decision not to participate. We understand that the vaccination is not mandatory in the country. At the same time being unvaccinated discriminates those without the vaccine and would not be able to live a normal human life in the country.
  2. The Government should be intended to withdraw any legislative procedure which violates the principle of informed consent of persons receiving medical treatment, which abolishes the Hungarian rule of law and democracy in Hungary, including the fact that the Green Card cannot be legally adopted, that the names of unvaccinated people cannot be issued to local authorities and that any other harmful legislation cannot be introduced.
  3. Any state/business/employment body that violates state labour laws or other laws that allow coercion, persuasion to vaccinate and discriminate against those who choose not to seek the above mentioned innovative medical intervention shall be subject to the utmost strictness.
  4. We must inform you that a copy of this document will be sent to the world’s media channels, as violations of the Nuremberg Code exist in all countries of the free world.
  5. As a final point, it should be noted that the Council of Europe recently adopted a decision on 19 December 2021. On 27 January, he made a decision which instructed all authorities not to exert any pressure or pressure on people to be vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine. (Reference to Parliamentarian Assembly, )

The applicants are represented in this procedure by:

Yours sincerely: The Crown Truth on behalf of a civil group

All correspondence must be sent to the address and/or email address specified in the header. Any court notice addressed in this way shall be deemed to be valid if it has been received and processed.

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